List of PureData Objects and Extended Objects

This exists as a simple reference for my personal use. I intend to soon convert it into a searchable list with autocomplete. 

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Object List

As Pd-Extended is constantly growing at the hand of several developers all around the world, it isn't possible to have a 100% complete list of objects. Neverthough, the next chapters include many of the most important libraries.The chapter division takes the original categories designed by Miller Puckette. Only specific libraries which have a closed identity - for example like GEM - have a page of their own. The categories for now are:


  • Glue - General dataflow control
  • Math - Mathematical operations
  • Time - Time-related operations
  • Midi - Midi Input/Output
  • Tables - Table and array management
  • Misc - Objects that don't fit any previous category


  • Audio Glue - General audio control
  • Audio Math - Mathematical operations
  • Audio Oscillators and Tables- Audio generators and table readers
  • Audio Filters - Filters and convolvers
  • Audio Delay- Time-related operations

Patch Management

  • Subwindows - Patch structuring
  • Data Templates and Accessing Data - Objects related to data structures

External libraries

  • GEM - OpenGL graphics and video library
  • PDP - Video library to provide a way to use data packets as messages
  • Physical Modelling - Physical modelling library 

Obsolete - Objects that for some reason became obsolete. Most of them are still available, but you should avoid using them.
Vanilla and Extended ObjectsEach distribution of Pd comes with the core objects, which belong to Miller Puckette's original version - Pd-Vanilla. Besides that, it is possible for each user to use libraries of externals compiled by other users. Most people use Pd-Extended, which bundles many externals automatically - others prefer to download and install these libraries themselves.Each page of this list is divided into two sections, Vanilla Objects and Extended Objects. In many pages you'll see many more extended objects than vanilla ones.Organisation Each chapter has a table with the following columns:

  • Name - Name of the object
  • Library/Path - name of the library to where it belongs (these libraries are stored in your pd/extra folder)
  • Function - Short description given by the author

Due to the decentralised development of Pure Data externals, it sometimes happens that some name clashes between objects happen - sometimes even for objects with very different functions! In case the object you saw from the list isn't the object you were thinking about, the easiest way to make sure you have the right object is to write its complete namespace: for example, if you want to use the [makesymbol] object from the zexy library, you can either write [makesymbol] or [zexy/makesymbol].

Name Library/Path Function


Vanilla Objects
bang   send „bang“ message
change   eliminate redundancy in a number stream
float   store a floating point number
int   store an integer
makefilename   format a string with a variable field
moses   part a stream of numbers
pack   combine several atoms into one message
print   print messages to the terminal window
receive   receive messages without patch cords
route   route messages according to their first element
select   compare numbers or symbols
send   send messages without patch cords
spigot   pass or block messages
swap   swap two numbers, respecting right-to-left order
symbol   store a symbol
trigger   sequence messges in right-to-left order and convert data
unpack   split a message into atoms
until   looping mechanism
value   nonlocal shared value (named variable)
Extended Objects
a2l any2list flatspace zexy convert "anythings" to "lists"
-dsp dsp01 jmmmp DSP switch
any   store and recall any message (like f, or symbol)
active cyclone report if window is active / inactive
add2_comma flatspace iemlib add a comma after a message
add2_comma iemlib add a comma after a message
allow flatspace maxlib lets only "allowed" floats or symbols through
alternate flatspace markex alternate between two outlets
amplitude_n la-kitchen mapping return the amplitude covered by the last n values
any_argument float_argument symbol_argument   initiate internals
any2string string2any flatspace iemlib converts ACII strings to pd messages
Append cyclone append a list to the incoming list
ascii->int float->ascii hcs convert a stream of ASCII digits to a single value
atoi flatspace zexy convert ASCII to integer
bang-eater flatspace eat N bangs in every M bangs
bangbang cyclone send a number of bangs in order
bfilt cxc flatspace modulo + select 0
bfilt2 cxc flatspace bang filter
bondo cyclone synx a group of messages
bpe flatspace iemlib break point envelope
Bucket cyclone pass numbers from outlet to outlet
buddy cyclone sync incoming data, output when all inlets received data
button flatspace ggee a bang with a label
change_n la-kitchen returns 0 if the last n datas are the same
choice vanilla/choice search for a best match to an incoming list
coll cyclone store and edit collections of messages
compare-any list-abs test if two anythings are the same
count_n la-kitchen counts from 0 to n-1
counter cxc counter -> NV
counter gem-counter cyclone flatspace markex counts the number of bangs received
cup ekext flatspace counts up
cycle cyclone send data to individual outlets
debounce mapping la-kitchen blocks the value of incoming data for the further n samples after ech change
debounce_b la-kitchen blocks the input until a specified duration is over
decide cyclone output 1/0 randomly
Decode cyclone sent out 1/0 to a specific outlet
default iemlib replace initial argument, if it is zero
demultiplex demux flatspace zexy demultiplex the input to the specified output
deny flatspace maxlib blocks "denyed" floats or symbols
detox jasch_lib extract values, contents, attributes from xml-tag structures
disjoin join mapping split / joina range into two (0-1)
dist flatspace maxlib send data to a list of receive objects
dollarg flatspace iemlib receive parent initial arguments <list>, like a $n
downsample mapping output 1 over n data
drip flatspace zexy unfolds a package to a sequence
dsp dsp~ iemlib control audio, measure dsp load
edge flatspace maxlib detect rising or falling edge in floats
entry flatspace text entry box
env env+ env- mapping normal / positive / megative envelope follower
exp_inc flatspace iemlib linear and/or exponential increment counter, bang controlled
f+ jmmmp counter with variable increment
fifo flatspace maxlib first in first out buffer for floats
fifop flatspace zexy first in first out stack with priorities
float24 flatspace iemlib concatenate a list of float-fragment-strings to a 23 bit accurate mantissa
for++ flatspace iemlib incremental counter (triggered by internal metro)
forward cyclone send remote messages
fromsymbol tosymbol cyclone transform symbol to numbers or messages and vice versa
ftos ext13 flatspace float to symbol
funnel cyclone tag data based on the inlet it arrived in
gate cyclone iemlib send data out the specified output
gcanvas flatspace ggee click and drag to get pixel values
glue flatspace zexy glue together 2 packates (append, prepend, ...)
grab cyclone intercept the output of another object
hid_one2twohid_one2threehid_one2four hid one-to-x mapping object
hysteresis mapping add hysteresis to input data
iem_anything iemlib latch for anything
iem_append iemlib append a message to any messages
iem_i_route flatspace iemlib variation of route (abbr. iiroute)
iem_prepend iemlib prepend a message to any messages
iem_receive iem_r iem_send iem_s iemlib receive object with changeable receive label
iem_route flatspace iemlib improvement of route
iem_sel_any flatspace iemlib control a message-box with multiple content
ignore flatspace maxlib lets information through only when it was present at input longer than N ms
index flatspace zexy create a symbol->int map
init   initialize a message via loadbang (abbr. ii)
iso flatspace maxlib queues up lists of pitches and attack points
iter cyclone split a list into a series of numbers
ixprint cxc flatspace print without identifier
kalashnikov uzi ext13 flatspace send a specified number of bangs as fast as possible
knob flatspace  
last_n la-kitchen mapping save the n last incoming datas into a list
last-x list-abs make a list of the last x floats
lbang jmmmp loadbang which can be triggered more often
length flatspace zexy get the length of a list
lifo flatspace maxlib last in first out buffer for floats
lifop flatspace zexy last-in-first-out stack with priorities
line3 flatspace line with 3rd order polynome
list-abs list-abs apply abs() on floats of a list
list-apply list-abs apply the object created by [arg1 arg2] on every list element
list-clip list-abs clip for lists
list-compare list-abs compare two lists element by element
list-delete list-abs delete element at a position
list-drip list-abs drips or serializes a list
list-drip2 list-abs drips two lists in sync (as long as 1st list lasts)
list-dripslow list-abs serialize a list on demand
list-enumerate list-abs serialize a list and put numbers in front of each element
list-extend list-abs build a list from incoming lists and output stored list
list-fifo list-abs first in, first out
list-filter list-abs returns a sequence of items for which the adjusted operation is true
list-find list-abs find positions of a value in a list
list-idx list-abs get element at position idx
list-insert list-abs insert LIST before ELEMENT at position POS in original list
list-l2s list-abs concatenate a list into a single symbol
list-lastx list-abs make a list of the last x floats
list-len list-abs calculate lenght of a list
list-lifo list-abs last in, first out
list-makefilename list-abs change symbols in a list, floats pass unchanged
list-map list-abs swiss army knife of list operations
list-map2 list-abs map an operation on element pairs from two lists
list-moses list-abs like moses for lists
list-onearg list-abs list with optional aegument
list-reduce list-abs list goes element per element through a user-defined operation
list-replace list-abs replace (overwrite) a list from position POS with a new list
list-rev list-abs reverse a list's order
list-rot list-abs rotate a list
list-seek list-abs walk through a list element by element
list-sieve list-abs look up ocorrence of incoming floats in a list
list-splat list-abs advanced list-split with negative indexes
list2int l2i flatspace zexy cast all floats of a list to integers
list2send flatspace iemlib convert some kind of lists to a sent message
list2symbol l2s symbol2list s2l flatspace zexy convert a list <-> symbol
lister l flatspace zexy stores a list
listfifo flatspace maxlib first in first out buffer for lists
listfunnel flatspace maxlib send values out as list with source index
listmoses ekext flatspace splits two lists according to the values contained within the 1st list
listto mapping separate a list into a stream of atoms
local_max local_min mapping give the value of every local maximum / minimum whenever there is a change in direction
lpt flatspace zexy write data to the parallel port
makesymbol flatspace zexy concatenate lists to formatted symbols
maskxor ekext exclusive-OR mask map
match cyclone flatspace look for a series of numbers and output as a list
mergefilename flatspace iemlib merge a list of symbols and floats to a symbol
modulo_counter flatspace iemlib increments counter-number from 0 to max-1 by a bang
multiplex mux flatspace zexy multiplex the selected inlet to the outlet
multiselect multisel flatspace markex select object which accepts a list in the right inlet
nchange flatspace maxlib a "new" [change]
next cyclone try to separate messages into logical parts
niagara flatspace zexy divide a package into 2 subpackages
nop   no operation
nroute flatspace maxlib rout if Nth element is matched
once iemlib only the first message passes through
onebang cyclone traffic control for bang messages
oneshot flatspace markex blocks after initial bang
OSCprepend list-abs prepends first argument to an OSC message list
packel flatspace zexy get the nth element of a package
parentdollarzero parent$0 iemlib receives the parent $0 symbol
pique flatspace find peaks in an FFT spectrum
polymap ekext two-dimensional polyphony-restricted map
polystat ekext outputs statitics about voice usage
pre_inlet flatspace iemlib before an incoming message be released to an outlet, a message of 2 items will be sent
prepend cyclone prepend a message with another message
prepend flatspace iemlib list prefixer
prepend cxc list prefixer -> NV
prepend_ascii iemlib prepends a message + selector symbol
prepend_output   an identifier
prepent list-abs shortcut for [list prepend]-[list trim]
pwm hcs pulse width modulation at message rate
rec-name jmmmp automatic naming for a record / playback machine
receive13 r13 send13 s13 ext13 flatspace like r and s, with set messages
receive2list iemlib convert received message to a list message and then the incoming message
recent ggee output only most „recent“ messages
relay flatspace zexy relay messages according to their first element
remote flatspace motex send data to any receive object
repack flatspace zexy (re)pack atoms to packages of a given size
repeat flatspace zexy repeat a message several times
scrolllist   displays and scrolls a text in a patch window
segregate   segregate the input to various outlets, depending on the type
sendlocal sl receivelocal rl ggee send messages locally per canvas
serialize cxc flatspace ggee turn a stream of floats into a list
sguigot jmmmp spigot with GUI
sieve ekext takes integers and maps them to floats
simile ekext flatspace compare two numbers according to an error window
slider sliderh ggee slider from ggee
sort flatspace zexy shell-sort a list of floats
soundfile_info flatspace iemlib show the header data of a wav file
speedlim maxlib_speedlim cyclone iemlib speed limit for incoming messages
spell cyclone convert input to ascii values
split maxlib_split cyclone iemlib look for a range of numbers
split_my_msgs hcs split a strem of messages
split_path flatspace hcs like splitfilename
split3 iemlib part a numeric stream into 3 ways
splitfilename flatspace iemlib split into path and filename
spray cyclone distribute an integer to a numbered outlet
sprinkler flatspace dynamic control message dissemination
sprintf cyclone format a message of strings and numbers
sroute list-abs settable route
state flatspace ggee saves settings in a patch to a file
strcat markex prepends its text to any symbol that is sent to it
strcmp flatspace zexy compare 2 lists as if they were strings
stripfilename flatspace iemlib strip the first or last characters of a symbol
strippath ext13 flatspace strip a path from a filename
subst flatspace motex self-similar substitution/diminution of rows
substitute cyclone substitue a symbol for another symbol in a message
switch cyclone output a message from a specific inlet
sync flatspace motex extended trigger object based on sync from jMax
t3_bpe flatspace iemlib time-tagged trigger break point envelope
take-two list-abs print all combinations of length 2 without repetition
temperature flatspace maxlib output number of input changes in N ms
thresh cyclone combine numbers into a list that are received close together
ticker flatspace ggee toggle from ggee
tilt flatspace maxlib measure "tilt" of input
toddle ggee bang that routes messages through
TogEdge cyclone report zero / nonzero transitions
toggle_mess flatspace iemlib control a message-box with multiple content (abbr. tm)
transf_fader flatspace iemlib transforms a slider range
universal cyclone send a message to all instances of the same class in this patch (and subatches if desired)
unroute flatspace maxlib merges all inputs into one output and prepend an identifier
unsymbol flatspace iemlib convert a symbol to a anything selector
unwonk   unpack which sends unused symbols to the last outlet
Uzi cyclone send a specified number of bangs as fast as possible
zl cyclone multi purpose list processing object


Name Library/Path Function


Vanilla Objects
& | << >> && || %   logical operators
+ - * / pow   arithmetic
> >= = <= <   relational operators
clip   force a number into a range
max min   greater or lesser of 2 numbers
mod div sin cos tan atan atan2 exp log abs sqrt pow   higher math
mtof ftom dbtorms rmstodb dbtopow powtodb   convert acoustical units
random   pseudorandom integer generator
wrap   wrap a number to range [0,1]
Extended Objects
runden   set numbers behind the comma
.   scalar multiplication of vectors (=lists of floats)
1/x inv flatspace ggee takes the inverse of the input
about flatspace mjlib delivers a number that is "about" the same as the input number
accum cyclone store, add to, and multiply a number
acos asin atan cyclone arc functions
anal cyclone generates a histogram of number pairs received
attract1 base base3 gingerbreadman henon hopalong ikeda latoocarfian latoomutalpha latoomutbeta latoomutgamma lorenz martin popcorn quadruptwo rossler standardmap flatspace attractors
autocal la-kitchen autocalibrating scaler (for sensors)
autoscale hcs mapping scales a stream of numbers with dynamic input range
average gem-average flatspace markex average together a series of numbers
beta bilex cauchy expo gauss linear poisson triang weibull flatspace maxlib random numbers distribution
breakpoint breakpoint_smooth mapping curves the input range with a double-linear interpolator with 2 control parameters
bytemask debytemask mapping generate / decode a bitmask byte from 8 inlets
capture cyclone store and edit numbers
cart2pol   convert cartesian coordinates to polar
cart2sph   convert cartesian coordinates to spheric
cartopol poltocar cyclone cartesian to polar conversion
catch_extremum catch_extremum2 la-kitchen return the last locals minimum and maximum values
center_point mapping convert 0-1 data into a center point with two 0-1 ranges
circular circular_seat circular_sigmoid mapping curves the input range with a double-circular seat with 1 control parameter
Clip cyclone limit numbers to a range
correlation mapping correlation of 2 different streams
cosh sinh tanh cyclone flatspace hyperbolic functions
cubic_seat mapping curves the input range with cubic curves
curve mapping curves the input range
curve_exp curve_log mapping maps the input range to an exponential / logaritmic curve
curve_fade mapping 3rd order polygone for natural fade
curve_graph mapping maps the input range to an arbitrary curve
db2v v2db flatspace iemlib db to rms conversion
dbtofad fadtodb iemlib convert midi-db to fader scale
deg2hid hid2deg hid conversion [hid]-range to degrees
deg2rad   convert degree to radiant
degrees->mapping mapping->degrees mapping converts mapping – degrees
delta flatspace maxlib calculate 1st or 2nd order difference
diff_n mapping diferentiate the input
distance distance2d distance_n mapping distance from a point and a stream (normal, 2d, Nd)
divide flatspace maxlib like "/" but calculates result when second inlet is changed
divmod flatspace maxlib calculates division and modulo
drunk cyclone output random numbers in a moving range
elliptic elliptic_seat elliptic_sigmoid mapping curves the input range with 2 ellipses
exponential_curve exponential_seat exponential_sigmoid mapping curves the input range with a double-exponential seat
expr vanilla expression evaluation
f2note flatspace iemlib converts frequency to notes + cents
fadtorms rmstofad iemlib fader scale to rms
ffpoly creb flatspace finite field polynomial
fir iir mapping filters
fir_filter la-kitchen fir filter with coefficient list
fir_hip_n fir_mean_n la-kitchen fir high / low-pass filter with order n
funbuff cyclone store x,y pairs of numbers together
fwarp creb flatspace tangent warp frequency
gaussian mapping generate gaussian curve
hid_average hid_smooth hid smooths a stream of numbers through weighted averaging
hid_centered hid convert 0-1 to -1-1
hid_cube hid_cuberoot hid_exp hid_log hid_square hid_squareroot hid maps the input range to the chosen curve
hid_graph hid draw an arbitrary curve, which is applied to the input range
hid_invert hid inverts the stream of numbers
hid_lowpass hid smooths a stream of numbers through audio conversion + lowpass filtering
hid_polar hid converts cartesian to polar coordinates
hid_spiral hid converts cartesian to spiral in polar coordinates
hid2rad rad2hid hid conversion [hid]-range to radians
Histo cyclone generates a histogram of the received numbers
history flatspace maxlib calculates the average of the items (floats) that came in within the last N miliseconds
iir_hip iir_lop la-kitchen iir high / low-pass filter
invert flatspace markex non-zero numbers to 0, 0 to 1
limit flatspace maxlib limits input to lie between boundaries
list-accum list-abs add all floats in a list
list-add list-abs add two lists element by element
list-centroid list-abs calculates the centroid of a mass of a float-list
list-dotprod list-abs dot-product of two float-lists
list-emath list-abs do math on float-lists element by element
list-equalize list-abs scale a float-list so that all float elements sum up to 1
list-geometric-mean list-abs calculate the geometric mean of a float-list
list-harmonic-mean list-abs calculate the harmonic mean of a float-list
list-inter list-abs elementwise linear interpolation between two float-lists
list-inter-many list-abs elementwise linear interpolation between several internally-stored float-lists
list-invint list-abs inverse intervals of a float-list
list-math list-abs simple mathematical operations on lists
list-mean list-abs calculates the arithmetical mean of a float-list
list-minmax list-abs find minimum and maximum in a float-list
list-mult list-abs multiply two float-lists
list-normalize list-abs normalizes a float-list
list-round list-abs round all numbers in a float-list to a nearest multiple
list-sub list-abs subtract two float-lists element by element
list-unitvec list-abs normalize a float-list geometrically
logistic_sigmoid mapping curves the input range with a double-exponential seat
mandelbrot ext13 flatspace z=z*z+c
mavg flatspace zexy moving average filter
max_n min_n la-kitchen return the maximum / minimum from the last n values
maximum cyclone output the greatest in a list of numbers
mean cyclone find the running average of a stream of numbers
mean flatspace zexy get the mean value of a list of floats
minimum cyclone output the smallest in a list of numbers
minmax flatspace zexy get minimum and maximum of a list of floats
minus flatspace maxlib like "-“ but calculates result when leftmost or second inlet is changed
mlife flatspace maxlib cellular automata object
mtosr bsaylor flatspace converts MIDI note value to samplerate
multi flatspace maxlib like "*" but calculates result when leftmost or second inlet is changed
n2m flatspace mjlib note to midi
notescale hid scales a stream of numbers to MIDI note numbers
offer cyclone store x, y pairs of values (x is int only)
one_n la-kitchen returns 1 if the last n datas were non-zeros
past cyclone report when the input decreases beyond a certain number
Peak cyclone output only numbers greater than the previous
pi hcs value of pi as accurate as Pd can manage
plus flatspace maxlib like "+" but calculates result when leftmost or second inlet is changed
pol2cart   convert polar coordinates to cartesian
pol2sph   convert polar coordinates to spheric
prime flatspace zexy prime number detector
rad2deg   convert radiant to degree
randomF randF flatspace markex floating point random number
range deprecated flatspace like [scale]
ratio creb flatspace multiply by 2^k so result is 1<=r<2 (transposer)
rewrap flatspace maxlib wraps floats back and forth into a range
rmstofad   rms to fader characteristic
round_zero flatspace iemlib round numbers near zero to zero
scale   scale input from a certain input range to lie between output boundaries
seuil_n la-kitchen returns 1 if the difference between the current sample and the sample n before is up to the threshold value
shuffle flatspace motex no-repeat random number generator
sph2cart   convert spheric coordinates to cartesian
sph2pol   convert spheric coordinates to polar
steady ekext flatspace takes stream of numbers, outputs max, min, through
sum flatspace zexy sum the elements of a list
Through cyclone output only numbers smaller than the previous
triple-scale list-abs interpolate linearly between two points
tripleRand flatspace markex three random numbers
v+ v   v* v/ math on a list of numbers
wrap   wrap the float input between to boundaries
wrap maxlib_wrap flatspace iemlib maxlib wraparound
zero_n.pd la-kitchen returns 1 if the last n datas were 0
zscale   scale von pdjimmies


Name Library/Path Function


Vanilla Objects
cputime   measure CPU time
delay   bang after time delay
line   ramp generator
metro   send „bang“ periodically ala metronome
pipe   delay a message – a message „delay line“
realtime   ask operating system for elapsed real time
timer   measure logical time
Extended Objects
bpm   calculate meanvalue of times between clicks
clock   show (simple) clock
help   timeconvert shows conversion of hertz, milliseconds, bpm, ...
clock jmmmp chronometer with display in secs
date flatspace zexy get system date
exciter   controls a list of bang events scheduled in time
ISOdate ISOtime hcs output current date / time in ISO format
linedrive cyclone scale numbers exponentially to use with line~
metroplus flatspace mjlib allows complex timing bangs to be delivered
metrum jmmmp metro with GUI
monorhythm flatspace mjlib basic rhythm pattern building blocks that allows polyrhthms to be generated quickly and easily
prob cyclone weighted series of random numbers
pulse flatspace motex a better metro
step flatspace maxlib output sequence of numbers (similar to "line")
stoppuhr jmmmp chronometer with 2 layers
t3_delay flatspace iemlib time tagged trigger delay
t3_metro flatspace iemlib time tagged trigger metronom
t3_timer flatspace iemlib time tagged trigger timer
time flatspace zexy get system time
timebang flatspace maxlib send out bangs at given times of day
tripleLine flatspace markex line object for 3 values
uhr jmmmp shows the time
urn cyclone flatspace rng without duplicate numbers
utime cxc flatspace output seconds since epoch and microsecond faction
velocity flatspace maxlib get velocity of digits per second


Name Library/Path Function


Vanilla Objects
makenote   send note-on messages and schedule note-off for later
notein ctlin pgmin bendin touchin polytouchin midiin sysexin   MIDI input
noteout ctlout pgmout bendout touchout polytouchout midiout   MIDI output
stripnote   take note-off messages out of a MIDI stream
Extended Objects
beat flatspace maxlib beat tracker
Borax cyclone reports current info on note on/off
borax flatspace maxlib analyse incoming midi notes
chord flatspace maxlib tries to detect chords
flush cyclone provide note offs for held notes
gestalt flatspace maxlib gestalt detection for monophonic melodies
m-i jmmmp automatic conversion of MIDI controller
midiflush cyclone send note offs for all hanging notes in a raw midi state
midiformat midiparse cyclone de/construct midi messages
mk jmmmp fast visual control of MIDI inputs
pitch flatspace maxlib get info about pitch
rhythm flatspace maxlib detects the beat of rhythmic patterns
score flatspace maxlib score follower that tries to match incoming MIDI data to a score stored in an array
sustain cyclone hold note offs and output them on request
xbendin xbendin2 xbendout xbendout2 cyclone extra precision midi pitchbend objects (14 bit)
xnotein xnoteout cyclone interpret midi messages with release velocity


Name Library/Path Function


Vanilla Objects
tabread   read numbers from a table
tabread4   read numbers from a table with 4-point interpolation
tabwrite   write numbers to a table
soundfiler   read and write soundfiles to arrays
Extended Objects
arraycopy flatspace maxlib copy data from one array to another
arraysize flatspace returns the size of an array
envgen flatspace ggee envelope generator
pianoroll   graphical sequencer controller
tabdump flatspace zexy dump the contents of a table as a list
tabminmax flatspace zexy get minimum and maximum of a table
tabread4   interpolating tabread (obsolete since pd>=0.30)
tabset flatspace zexy set a table with a list of floats
tabreadmix~ creb flatspace overlap add tabread clone


Name Library/Path Function


Vanilla Objects
loadbang   send „bang“ automatically when patch loads
serial   serial device control for NT only
netsend   send Pd messages over a network
netreceive   listen for incoming messages from network
qlist   text-based sequencer
textfile   read and write textfiles
openpanel   „open“ dialog
savepanel   „save as“ dialog
bag   collection of numbers
poly   MIDI-style polyphonic voice allocator
key keyup   numeric key values from keyboard
keyname   symbolic key name
declare   set search path and/or load libraries
Extended Objects
hid hcs HID protocoll reader
classpath hcs returns each path in the global classpath
import hcs loads libraries from the path to local namespace
parazit gnd  
netclient flatspace maxlib simple client that connects to netserver or to pd's native netreceive object
netdist flatspace maxlib distribute data to several netreceive
netrec flatspace maxlib ?report of netsend connections?
netserver flatspace maxlib netclient
getenv flatspace motex sends value of an environment variable argument on bang
init ii flatspace iemlib initialize anything by loadbang
iem_pbank_csv flatspace iemlib parameter-bank with csv-syntax
msgfile flatspace zexy read and write messages into text files
operating_system flatspace zexy get the current OS
pool   a hierarchical storage
stripdir flatspace ggee strips all leading directories from a path
system flatspace motex send a system message to the console
vbap ggee vector based amplitude panning external
wintablet   external for using Wacom tablets on Windows
ENV cxc flatspace get and set environment variables
proc cxc flatspace interface to the linux proc filesystem
comment cyclone text comment with some formatting options, meant to be Max/MSP compatible
mousefilter cyclone passes numbers only when mousebutton is up
MouseState cyclone report mouse x/y/deltax/y and buttonpress
linuxevent deprecated flatspace outputs raw events from the linux event system
linuxmouse deprecated flatspace takes events directly from a linux event device
filesize fsize ext13 flatspace gives size of a file
wavinfo ext13 flatspace get samples, channels, bitspersample, amplerate of a file
beatpipe flatspace event scheduler / quantizer
comport flatspace serial port interface
folder_list flatspace hcs listing of files based on a wildcard pattern
getdir flatspace ggee get the directory this patch is operating in
ifeel flatspace hcs control the pulse of an iFeel mouse
image flatspace ggee incorporate images
openpatch opa flatspace open a patch file
popen flatspace shell commands
popup flatspace iemlib popup menu
shell flatspace ggee run commands in a UNIX shell
failsafe hcs turns off dsp and / or quits pd
file_type hcs find the file type of a file
gid->group_name group_name->gid hcs convert group name <-> GID
group hcs fetch password data based on a UID or group name
passwd hcs fetch password data based on a UID or username
stat hcs gets information about files
uid->username username->uid hcs convert group name <-> GID
version hcs version of the currently running Pd
joystick hid use a joystick device with Pd
keyboard hid use a keyboard device with Pd
keygate hid mapping simple keyboard-controlled gate
mouse hid use a mouse device with Pd
datei-l datei-o jmmmp send the message „open ...“
datei-r jmmmp send the message „read ...“
datei-w jmmmp send the message „write ...“
pd-colors jmmmp Tcl/Tk and data structure's color palettes
gui-edit jmmmp GUI-editor abstraction
oscD jmmmp counts received OSC messages
oscS jmmmp interface for [sendOSC]
tastin jmmmp gate for keyboard input
keybang keyboardkeys key bang GUI
keytoggle keyboardkeys key toggle GUI
keyupdown keyboardkeys increase/decrease of any value GUI


Name Library/Path Function

Audio Glue

Vanilla Objects
adc~   audio input
dac~   audio output
bang~   output bang after each DSP cycle
block~   specify block size and overlap
switch~   switch DSP on and off
catch~ throw~   summing signal bus and non-local connection
line~   audio ramp generator
vline~   high-precision audio ramp generator
threshold~   trigger from audio signal
snapshot~   convert a signal to a number on demand
vsnapshot~   deluxe snapshot~
samplerate~   get the sample rate
readsf~   read a soundfile
receive~ send~   one-to-many nonlocal signal connections
writesf~   write audio signals to a soundfile
sig~   convert numbers to audio signal
Extended Objects
blockmirror~ flatspace zexy play back a signal-vector in a time-reversed way
blockswap~ flatspace zexy swap the upper and lower half of a signal-vector
cooled~   sound editor
dfreq~ flatspace zexy frequency detector that counts zero-crossings
envrms~ flatspace zexy like env~, but outputting rms instead of dB
fade~ flatspace iemlib fade-in fade-out shaper (need line~)
iem_blocksize~ flatspace iemlib current blocksize of a window
iem_samplerate~ flatspace iemlib samplerate of a window in Hertz
int_fract~ iemlib split signal float to integer and fractal part
Line~ cyclone line~ with lists and bang in the end
mp3play~ flatspace iemlib mpeg layer III player
pack~ unpack~ flatspace zexy convert signals to float-packages
oggamp~ flatspace pdogg streaming client
oggcast~ flatspace pdogg stream to IceCast2 or JRoar
oggread~ flatspace pdogg file player
oggwrite~ flatspace pdogg strean to file
patcher~   16x16 patchbay inspired by Synthi AKS
pdf~ flatspace zexy probability density function
peakenv~ flatspace iemlib signal-peak-envelope
polygate~ flatspace motex switch between multiple signal inputs
prvu~ flatspace iemlib peak- rms- vu-meter
pvu~ flatspace iemlib peak- vu-meter
rvu~ flatspace iemlib rms- vu-meter
rlshift~   shift signal vector elements left or right
Scope~ cyclone  
sfplay sfrecord flatspace zexy play back/record (multichannel) soundfiles <- NICHT VERWENDEN
sfread~ sfwrite~ flatspace ggee NICHT VERWENDEN
sigzero~ flatspace zexy detects whether there is signal or not
spigot~   signal router
tavg~ flatspace zexy arithmetic mean of a signal between two bangs
t3_sig~ flatspace iemlib time tagged trigger sig~
t3_line~ flatspace iemlib time tagged trigger line~
bthresher~   similar to thresher~ but with more control
thresher~   an amplitude/frequency sensitive gating object
unsig~ iemlib signal to float converter
zerocross~   noise detector, counts zero crossings of signal
count~ cyclone sample counter
record~ cyclone read and write sample values
simile~ ekext flatspace compare two signals according to an error window
zeroxpos~ ekext flatspace find n-th zero crossing in frame
piperead~ pipewrite~ ext13 flatspace like sfread and write, but non-blocking
throw13~ t13~ catch13~ c13~ flatspace [ext13] like catch~ and throw~, with set messages
receive13~ send13~ flatspace [ext13] like r and s, with set messages
streamin~ streamout~ flatspace ggee streaming client
blocksize_in_ms hcs blocksize in ms
pwm~ hcs pulse width modulation at audio rate
mat~ met~ maat~ meet~ jmmmp mono/stereo level meter with amplitude control
snaps~ jmmmp snapshot~ GUI implementation


Name Library/Path Function

Audio Math

Vanilla Objects
+~ -~ *~ /~   operators on audio signals
max~ min~   maximum or minimum of 2 inputs
clip~   restrict a signal to lie between two limits
q8_rsqrt~   signal reciprocal square root
q8_sqrt~   signal square root
wrap~   remainder modulo 1
fft~ ifft~   forward and inverse complex FFT
rfft~ rifft~   forward and inverse real FFT
framp~   estimate frequency and amplitude of FFT components
mtof~ ftom~ rmstodb~ dbtorms~ rmstopow~ powtorms~   conversions for audio signals
pow~ log~ exp~ abs~   math
Extended Objects
# >~, <~, ==~, &&~, ||~   logical operators
abs~ cyclone flatspace markex zexy absolute value of a signal
absgn~ flatspace zexy absolute value + signum
addl~ iemlib signal addition with line~
amp~ hcs smooth amplitude control
atan2~ cyclone flatspace ggee get the phase from a imaginary value of the fft
avg~ cyclone flatspace zexy arithmetic mean of 1 signal-vector
Clip~ cyclone limit numbers to a range
divl~ iemlib signal divison with line~
exp~ log~   signal math
expr~ fexpr~ vanilla expression evaluation
ln~ flatspace motex log~
m2f~ flatspace iemlib convert MIDI pitch to frequency (obsolete)
mull~ iemlib signal multiplication with line~
multiline~ flatspace zexy line~d multiplication of multiple signals
pol2rec~ flatspace motex inverse of rec2pol~
rec2pol~ flatspace motex convert rectangular coordinates to polar
round~ iemlib round signal float to nearest integer
sgn~ flatspace zexy signum of a signal
sin_phase~ flatspace iemlib calculate phase difference between 2 sine-waves, in samples
subl~ iemlib signal subtraction with line~
t3_sig~   convert numbers to signal with sample accuracy
bfft~ creb flatspace reordered fft
bitsplit~ creb convert signal to binary vector
blocknorm~ creb normalize a (set of) dsp block(s) (i.e. for spectral processing)
dwt~ creb flatspace discrete wavelet transform
idwt~ creb flatspace discrete inverse wavelet transform
delta~ cxc cyclone flatspace difference between this and last sample
acos~ asin~atan~ cyclone arc functions
acosh~ cyclone  
asinh~ cyclone  
atanh~ cyclone  
average~ cyclone  
cosh~ sinh~ tanh~ cyclone hyperbolic functions
cosx~ sinx~ tanx~ cyclone  
log~ cyclone  
cartopol~ poltocar~ cyclone cartesian to polar conversion
pow~ cyclone  
framescore~ framespect~ ekext flatspace calculates weighted similarity value for 2 signal vectors
hssc~ ekext flatspace highest significant spectral component
mandelbrot~ ext13 flatspace z=z*z+c
bwin~ flatspace multiplies a signal block with a window
bmax~ flib gives block max
irreg~ flib irregularity
melf~ flib creates a mel spaced filterbank to generate mel frequency cepstral coefficients
mspec~ flib get amplitude or power spectrum from fft
peak~ flib get spectral peaks from magnitudes / estimate frequency
pspec~ flib get phase spectrum from fft
sc~ flib spectral centroid
scm~ flib spectral flatness measure
ss~ flib spectral smoothness
trist~ flib tristimulus x, y, z


Name Library/Path Function

Audio Oscillators and Tables

Vanilla Objects
phasor~   sawtooth generator
cos~   cosine waveshaper
osc~   cosine wave oscillator
tabwrite~   write a signal in an array
tabplay~   play a table as a sample (non-transposing)
tabread~   table lookup
tabread4~   4-point interpolating table lookup
tabosc4~   4-point interpolating table oscillator
tabsend~   writes one block of a signal continuously to an array
tabreceive~   read a block of signal from an array continuously
Extended Objects
bonk~ vanilla/bonk~ attack detector for small percussion instruments
buzz~   subctractive synthesis without filters
cavoc~   An 8 rule cellular automata that generates spectra
cavoc27~   A 27 rule cellular automata object
chase~   uses a sync signal to determine who gets out which outlet
dcblock~   blocks DC components in audio signals
dirac~ flatspace zexy produces a unit:sample:sequence
fiddle~ vanilla pitch estimator and sinusoidal peak finder
formant~   formant synthesis
gq~   equalizer with variable number of filter banks
LFO_noise~ flatspace iemlib 2-point-interpolated time-stretched white noise
loop~ extra flatspace loop~ phase generator for looping samples
lrshift~ flatspace lrshift~ shift signal vector elements left or right
morse flatspace mjlib convert text to morse code
munger~   granular sampling instrument
noish~ noisi~ flatspace zexy draws a random number every n samples and interpolates between
paf~ 0.06    
pink~ cyclone iemlib pink noise (-3dB per octave)
rechteck~   a squarewave generator
sinesum   examples of sinesum
sleigh~   sleigh bell
step~ flatspace zexy unit:step sequence or a rectangle:window
susloop~ bsaylor flatspace another phase generator for sample looping
syncgrain~   implements synchronous granular synthesis
testsig~   choose noise, osc, phasor by clicking
dynwav~ creb flatspace dynamic wavetable: use a signal block as wavetable
junction~ creb flatspace circulant lossless signal junction
sbosc~ creb smallband oscillator (i.e. for formant synthesis)
scrollgrid1D~ creb a stabilized scroll grid chaotic oscillator
index~ cyclone sample playback without interpolation
lookup~ cyclone transfer funcion lookup table
peek~ cyclone read and write sample values
play~ cyclone position based sample playback
rand~ cyclone bandlimited random noise
wave~ cyclone variable size wavetable
ambi_rot iem_ambi ambisonic rotation
ambi_encode ambi_decode ambi_decode3 ambi_decode_cube iem_ambi ambisonic encoding / decoding
bin_ambi_reduced_decode_fft2 bin_ambi_reduced_decode_2 iem_bin_ambi ambisonic binaural encoding / decoding


Name Library/Path Function

Audio Filters

Vanilla Objects
env~   envelope follower
vcf~   voltage-controlled bandpass filter
noise~   uniformly distributed white noise
hip~   one-pole high pass filter
lop~   one-pole low pass filter
bp~   bandpass filter
biquad~   2-pole-2-zero filter
samphold~   sample and hold unit
print~   print out raw values of a signal
rpole~   real one-pole (recursive) filter, raw
rzero~   real one-zero (non-recursive) filter, raw
rzero_rev~   real one-zero (non-recursive) „reverse“ filter, raw
cpole~   complex one-pole (recursive) filter, raw
czero~   complex one-zero (non-recursive) filter, raw
czero_rev~   complex one-zero (non-recursive) „reverse“ filter, raw
Extended Objects
bandpass equalizer highpass highshelf hlshelf lowpass lowshelf notch flatspace ggee coefficients for biquad~
1p1z iemlib control IIR filter 1. order
aenv~ bsaylor flatspace asymptotic ADSR envelope generator
allpass~ cyclone allpass filter
ap1~ ap2~ iemlib allpass 1. / 2. order
bpq2~ bp2~ iemlib bandpass 2.order with Q inlet
bpw2~ iemlib bandpass 2.order with bandwidth inlet
bsq2~ iemlib bandstop 2.order (notch) with Q inlet
bsw2~ iemlib bandstop 2.order (notch) with bandwidth inlet
burrow~   a cross-referenced filtering object
centerring~   a spectral modulation object
codepend~   a classic block convolution object
comb~ cyclone comb filter
complex   mod~ frequency shifter
compressor~   audio compressor
complex-mod~ vanilla frequency shifter
convol~   convobrosfilter
crossx~   a cross synthesis object with gating
cverb~   implementation of the Csound reverb
dentist~   a partial knockout object
disarrain~   an interpolating version of disarray~
disarray~   a spectral redistribution object
drown~   a noise reduction (or increase) object
enveloper~   the (old???) envelope generator of iemlib
ether~   another spectral compositing object
filter~ flatspace iemlib multiple object for all useful IIR-filters 1. and 2. order like lowpass, highpass, bandpass, bandstop, allpass, etc
filterbank~   outputs the frequence response against a set of band pass filters
filtersme1~   a hard filtering of low(soft) frequencies
filtersme2~   filtering by drawing with mouse in array
FIR~ flatspace iemlib convolve a signal with an array
freeverb~ freeverb Schroeder/Moorer reverb model
hilbert~ vanilla phase quadrature of input for complex modulation
hml_shelf~ flatspace iemlib high-mid-low-shelving filter
hp1~ hp2~ iemlib highpass 1. / 2. order
hp2_butt~ hp3_butt~ hp4_butt~ hp5_butt~ hp6_butt~ hp7_butt~ hp8_butt~ hp9_butt~ hp10_butt iemlib highpass with butterworth characteristic
hp2_cheb~ hp3_cheb~ hp4_cheb~ hp5_cheb~ hp6_cheb~ hp7_cheb~ hp8_cheb~ hp9_cheb~ hp10_cheb~ iemlib highpass with chebyshev characteristic
hp2_bess~ hp3_bess~ hp4_bess~ hp5_bess~ hp6_bess~ hp7_bess~ hp8_bess~ hp9_bess~ hp10_bess~ iemlib highpass with bessel characteristic
hp2_crit~ hp3_crit~ hp4_crit~ hp5_crit~ hp6_crit~ hp7_crit~ hp8_crit~ hp9_crit~ hp10_crit~ iemlib highpass with critical damping
leaker~   a sieve based cross fader
limiter~ flatspace zexy a limiter/compressor module
lp1~ lp2~ iemlib lowpass 1. / 2. order
lp1_t~ flatspace iemlib lowpass 1.order with time_constant inlet
lp2_butt~ lp3_butt~ lp4_butt~ lp5_butt~ lp6_butt~ lp7_butt~ lp8_butt~ lp9_butt~ lp10_butt~ iemlib lowpass with butterworth characteristic
lp2_cheb~ lp3_cheb~ lp4_cheb~ lp5_cheb~ lp6_cheb~ lp7_cheb~ lp8_cheb~ lp9_cheb~ lp10_cheb~ iemlib lowpass with chebyshev characteristic
lp2_bess~ lp3_bess~ lp4_bess~ lp5_bess~ lp6_bess~ lp7_bess~ lp8_bess~ lp9_bess~ lp10_bess~ iemlib lowpass with bessel characteristic
lp2_crit~ lp3_crit~ lp4_crit~ lp5_crit~ lp6_crit~ lp7_crit~ lp8_crit~ lp9_crit~ lp10_crit~ iemlib lowpass with critical damping
maverage~   moving average filter with IIR
mindwarp~   a spectral formant warping object
moog~ flatspace ggee signal controlled "moog" resonant lowpass
morphine~   a morphing object
multiverb~   Schroeder/Moorer reverb model
multyq~   a four band filter
pan~   equal power stereo panning
pansig~ flatspace motex same as above but takes a signal modulator rather than a float
para_bp2~ flatspace iemlib parametril bandpass 2. order
pin~ flatspace mjlib randomly delivers the input signal to either the right or left outlet with a given probability
pitchnoise~   Harmonic/inharmonic monophonic timbre separator
presidency~   a spectral sampler with pitch control
pvgrain~   a spectrum analyzer for granular resynthesis
pvharm~   a harmonizer
pvoc~   an additive synthesis phase vocoder
pvtuner~   a spectrum quantizer for tuning to arbitrary scales
pvwarp~   a non-linear frequency warper
reanimator~   an audio texture mapper
resent~   similar to residency~ but with independent bin control
residency~   a spectral sampler useful for time scaling
scrape~   a noise reduction (or increase) object with frequency control
shapee~   a frequency shaping object
swinger~   a phase swapping object
taint~   a cross synthesis object
vacancy~   a spectral compositing object
xsyn~   a cross synthesis with compression object
pvcompand~   a spectral compressor/expander object
quantize~ flatspace zexy quantize a signal with a variable step-number
mov_avrg_kern~ flatspace iemlib moving average filter kernel
mypol2rec~   fft stuff, needed as abstraction for some other patches
myrec2pol~   fft stuff, as above (ggee)
para_pb2~   parametrical bandpass ???
rbpq2~ iemlib resonance bandpass 2.order with Q inlet
rbpw2~ iemlib resonance bandpass 2.order with bandwidth inlet
reccombfilter~   rough combfilter feedback
rev1~ vanilla series of allpass with exponentially growing delay lines
rev2~ vanilla simple 1-in, 4-out reverberator
rev3~ vanilla hard-core, 2-in, 4-out reverberator
schroeder~   schroeder reverb
swap~ flatspace zexy byte-swap a 16bit signal
svf~ bsaylor cyclone flatspace state-variable filter
vcf_hp2~ vcf_hp4~ vcf_hp6~ vcf_hp8~ iemlib highpass with freq and Q signal inlets
vcf_lp2~ vcf_lp4~ vcf_lp6~ vcf_lp8~ iemlib lowpass with freq and Q signal inlets
vcf_bp2~ vcf_bp4~ vcf_bp6~ vcf_bp8~ iemlib bandpass with freq and Q signal inlets
vcf_rbp2~ vcf_rbp4~ vcf_rbp6~ vcf_rbp8~ iemlib resonance bandpass with freq and Q signal inlets
bdiag~ creb flatspace block diagonal state space system (spectral processor)
cheby~ creb flatspace chebyshev polynomial waveshaper
dist~ creb flatspace dist~ waveshaper
eadsr~ creb flatspace exp. attack decay sustain release
ead~ creb flatspace exp. attack decay
ear~ creb flatspace exp. attack release
lattice~ creb flatspace lattice~ filter
permut~ creb flatspace random permute a signal block
qmult~ creb flatspace multiply 2 quaternion signals
qnorm~ creb flatspace normalize a quaternion signal (or any 4 channel sig)
resofilt~ creb a reso filter (4pole, 3pole)
xfm~ creb flatspace coupled frequency modulation
reson~ cxc cyclone flatspace markex interpolating reson filter
pan_gogins~ deprecated flatspace modification of pan~
voiding_detector~ ekext estimates wether a frame of speech is voiced or unvoiced
scramble~ ext13 flatspace big fun with spoken words or beats
ap1c~ ap2c~ iemlib allpass 1. / 2. order for filter cascades
hp1c~ hp2c~ iemlib highpass 1. / 2. order for filter cascades
lp1c~ lp2c~ iemlib lowpass 1. / 2. order for filter cascades


Name Library/Path Function

Audio Delay

Vanilla Objects
delwrite~   writes a signal in a delay line
delread~   read a signal from a delay line
vd~   reads a signal from a delay line at a variable delay time (4-point-interpolation)
Extended Objects
blockdelay~   high-resolution delay for smaller delay times
delay~ cyclone delay incoming signal for a number of samples
z~ flatspace zexy samplewise delay
fdn~ creb flatspace feedback delay network


Name Library/Path Function


Vanilla Objects
pd   define a subwindow
inlet outlet   control inlet / outlet
inlet~ outlet~   audio inlet / outlet
table   array of numbers
Extended Objects
dyn~   dynamic object mangement
py   python script objects


Name Library/Path Function

Data Templates and Acessing Data

Vanilla Objects
drawcurve filledcurve   draw a curve
drawpolygon filledpolygon   draw a polygon
plot   draw array elements of scalars
drawnumber   draw numeric fields for data structures
struct   declare the fields in a data structure
pointer   remember the location of a scalar in a list
get   get values from a scalar
set   set values in a scalar
element   get pointer to an element of an array
getsize   get the number of elements of an array
setsize   resize an array
append   add item to a list
sublist   get a list from a field of a scalar


Name Library/Path Function


Extended Objects
accumrotate manipulation accumulated rotation
alpha manipulation enable alpha blending
ambient ambientRGB manipulation ambient coloring
circle geometric renders a circle
color colorRGB manipulation colouring
colorSquare geometric renders a square with several colors
cone geometric renders a cone
cube geometric renders a cone
cuboid geometric renders a cuboid box
curve geometric renders a bezier-curve
curve3d geometric renders a 3d bezier-curve
cylinder geometric renders a cylinder
depth   turn on / off depth test
diffuse diffuseRGB manipulation diffuse colouring
disk geometric renders a disk
emission emissionRGB manipulation emission colouring
fragment_program shader load and apply an ARB fragment shader
gemhead   connect gem objects to the window manager
gemkeyboard gemkeyname   keyboard events in the gem window
gemlist_info information get current transformation of a gemlist
gemmouse   mouse events in the gem window
gemwin   access to the window manager
glsl_fragment shader load a GLSL fragment shader
glsl_program shader link GLSL-modules into a shader program
glsl_vertex shader load a GLSL vertex shader
hsv2rgb rgb2hsv   convert between RGB and HSV colorspace
imageVertp geometric map luminance to height
light world_light non-geometric adds a point-light to the scene
pix_blobtracker pix analysis blob detector and tracker
rgb2yuv yuv2rgb   convert between RGB and YUV colorspace
linear_path spline_path   reads out a table
model geometric renders an Alias/Wavefront-Model
multimodel geometric load multiple an Alias/Wavefront-Model and renders one of them
newWave geometric renders a waving square (mass-spring-system)
ortho manipulation orthographic rendering
part_color particle system defines color of particles
part_damp particle system change velocity of particles
part_draw particle system draw a particle system
part_follow particle system particle follow each other
part_gravity particle system sets the gravity-vector of the particle system
part_head particle system starts a particle system
part_info particle system gives all available information of all the particles in the system
part_killold particle system kill all particles which are older than the kill time
part_killslow particle system kill all particles which are slower than the kill speed
part_orbitpoint particle system make the particles orbit about the postion x,y,z
part_render particle system draw a particle system
part_sink particle system sets up a sink for the particles within the system
part_size particle system change size of the particles
part_source particle system add a particle source
part_targetcolor particle system change the color of the particles
part_targetsize particle system change the size of the particles
part_velcone particle system sets a cone to be the velocity-domain of new particles
part_velocity particle system sets velocity of new particles
part_velsphere particle system sets a sphere to be the velocity-domain of new particles
part_vertex particle system add a particle at the specified outset
pix_2grey pix converts a pix to greyscale
pix_a_2grey pix converts a pix to greyscale based on alpha
pix_add pix image add 2 images
pix_aging pix apply a super8-like aging effect
pix_alpha pix set the alpha values of an RGBA-pix
pix_background pix separate an object from a background
pix_backlight pix blacklighting effect
pix_biquad pix_movement pix_tIIR pix timebased effect timebased IIR filter
pix_bitmask pix mask out pixels
pix_blob pix get the „center of gravity“ of an image
pix_blur pix deprecated, use pix_motionblur
pix_buffer pix storage place for a number of images
pix_buffer_read pix_buffer_write pix read / write images to a pix_buffer
pix_buf pix buffer a pix
pix_chroma_key pix mix mix 2 images based on their color
pix_clearblock pix clear an image without destroying the picture
pix_coloralpha pix calculate the alpha-channels from the RGB data
pix_colormatrix pix transform the pixel values by a matrix
pix_color pix set the color-channels of an image
pix_colorreduce pix reduce the number of color in the image
pix_compare pix mix 2 images based on their luminance
pix_composite pix mix alpha-blend 2 images
pix_contrast pix change contrast and saturation of an image
pix_convert pix convert the colorspace of an image
pix_convolve pix apply a convolution kernel
pix_coordinate pix set the texture coordinates for a pix
pix_crop pix get a subimage of an image
pix_curve pix apply color curves to an image
pix_data pix get pixel data from an image
pix_deinterlace pix deinterlace an image
pix_delay pix timebased effect delay a series of images
pix_diff pix mix get the difference between 2 pixes
pix_dot pix make dotty images
pix_draw pix draw pixels on the screen
pix_dump pix dump all the pixel data of an image
pix_duotone pix reduce the number of colors by thresholding
pix_fiducialtrack pix analysis fiducial [targe] detector and tracker
pix_film pix source load in a movie file
pix_flip pix flips the image along an axis
pix_freeframe pix run a FreeFrame object
pix_gain pix multiply pixel values
pix_grey pix convert the colorspace of an image into grey
pix_halftone pix fx make halftone patterns
pix_histo pix excerpt histograms of an image
pix_hsv2rgb pix_rgb2hsv pix convert between RGB and HSV
pix_imageInPlace pix source loads multiple image files
pix_image pix source loads an image file
pix_indycam pix create pixes from an SGI video camera
pix_info pix  
pix_invert pix invert an image
pix_kaleidoscope pix kaleidoscope effect
pix_levels pix level adjustment
pix_lumaoffset pix offset pixels depending on the luminance
pix_mask pix mix mask out a pix
pix_mean_color pix get the mean color of the current image
pix_metaimage pix display a pix by itself
pix_mix pix mix 2 images based on mixing factors
pix_motionblur pix timebased effect apply motionbluring on a series of images
pix_movement2 pix timebased effect timebased IIR filter for motion detection
pix_movie pix source load in a movie file
pix_multiblob pix analysis blob detector for multiple blobs
pix_multiimage pix source loads multiple image files
pix_multiply pix mix multiply 2 images
pix_normalize pix normalize an images
pix_offset pix add an offset to the color
pix_pix2sig~ pix_sig2pix~ pix convert images <-> signals
pix_posterize pix posterialization effect
pix_puzzle pix shuffle an image
pix_rds pix random dot stereogram for luminance
pix_record pix output write a sequence of pixes to a movie file
pix_rectangle pix draw a rectangle into a pix
pix_refraction pix display a pix through glass bricks
pix_resize pix resize an image
pix_rgba pix convert the colorspace of an image to RGBA
pix_roll pix (sc)roll through an image
pix_rtx pix timebased effect Realtime vs. X tranformation
pix_scanline pix scan lines of an image
pix_set pix set the pixel data of an image
pix_share_read pix_share_write pix read / write pixels from a shared memory region
pix_snap2tex pix take a screenshot and texture it
pix_snap pix snap a pix of the frame buffer
pix_subtract pix mix subtract 2 images
pix_takealpha pix mix transfer the alpha channel
pix_texture pix apply texture mapping
pix_threshold_bernsen pix apply dynamic thresholds to pixes for binarization
pix_threshold pix apply a threshold to pixes
pix_videoDS pix source live video capture with VideoShow (windows only)
pix_video pix source open a camera and get input
pix_write pix make a snapshot of the frame buffer and write it to a file
pix_yuv pix convert the colorspace of an image to YUV
pix_zoom pix zoom the pixels
polygon geometric renders a polygon
polygon_smooth manipulation turn on / off polygon smoothing
pqtorusknots geometric renders a 3d knot
primTri geometric renders a triangle with gradient colors
rectangle geometric renders a rectangle
render_trigger control triggers on rendering
ripple rubber geometric renders and distorts a square
rotate rotateXYZ manipulation rotation
scale scaleXYZ manipulation scale
scopeXYZ~ geometric DSP 3d oscilloscope
separator manipulation  
shearXY shearXZ shearYX shearYZ shearZX shearZY manipulation shear
shininess manipulation shininess of the material
slideSquares geometric renders sliding squares
specular specularRGB manipulation specular coloring
sphere geometric renders a sphere
spot_light non-geometric adds a spot light to the scene
square geometric renders a square
teapot geometric renders a teapot
text2d text3d textextruded textoutline geometric renders a line of text
torus geometric renders a torus
translate translateXYZ manipulation translation
triangle geometric renders an equilateral triangle
tube geometric renders a complex tube
vertex_program shader set the ARB vertex shader


Name Library/Path Function


Extended Objects
pdp_agc   automatic gain control
pdp_blur_hor   horizontal blur effect
pdp_blur   blur effect
pdp_blur_ver   vertical blur effect
pdp_contrast   contrast enhancement
pdp_conv_alledge   all edge sensitive convolution filter
pdp_conv_emboss   emboss effect
pdp_conv_smooth   averaging convolution filter
pdp_conv_sobel_edge   sobel edge detector
pdp_conv_sobel_hor   vertical sobel edge detector
pdp_conv_sobel_ver   horizontal sobel edge detector
pdp_diff   difference between current and previous frame
pdp_dither   dither effect
pdp_gain3   independent gain for 3 channels
pdp_gradient   gradient
pdp_m_inverse   matrix inverse
pdp_motion_blur   motion blur effect
pdp_motion_fade   motion triggered fade-out effect
pdp_motion_phase   motion phase shift effect
pdp_offset   add an offset to an image
pdp_phase_hor   horizontal phase shift effect
pdp_phase   phase shift effect
pdp_phase_ver   vertical phase shift effect
pdp_png_to   load + convert a png file
pdp_pps   measure number of packets per second
pdp_saturation   adjust colour saturation
pdp_save_png_sequence   saves a png sequence
pdp_tag   tag a pdp message
pdp_xv_keycursor   keyboard/mouse controller


Name Library/Path Function

Physical Modelling

Extended Objects
iAmbient2D iAmbient3D flatspace ambient interaction – interaction between a collection of masses and a commun environment
iCircle2D iCircle3D flatspace circle interaction – interaction between a collection of masses and a circle
iCylinder3D flatspace cylinder interaction – interaction between a collection of masses and a cylinder
iLine2D flatspace line interaction – interaction between a collection of masses and a line
iPlane3D flatspace plane interaction – interaction between a collection of masses and a plane
iSeg2D flatspace segment interaction – interaction between a collection of masses and a segment
iSphere3D flatspace sphere interaction – interaction between a collection of masses and a sphere
link link2D link3D flatspace link between 2 masses
mass mass2D mass3D flatspace get liaison forces and output position
tCircle2D tCircle3D tCube3D tCylinder3D tLine2D tSeg2D tSquate2D flatspace test masse position
tLink2D tLink3D flatspace get position of masses, output forces
tPlane3D flatspace test interaction between mass and plane
tSphere3D flatspace test if a sphere is inside a mass


Name Library/Path Function


Vanilla Objects
scope~   use tabwrite~ now
namecanvas   attach this canvas to a name
template   use struct now
scalar   draw a scalar on parent
Extended Objects
post_netreceive flatspace iemlib convert message lists with a prepended float index
gemorb Gem respond to events of a SpaceOrb
gemtablet Gem respond to events of a graph-tablet